Religious Communities

Statutes and Internal Rules

Bodies And Church Properties

Regulations, Decisions, Provisions, Ordinances, Circulars

Construction of Worship And Urban Planning

Sustenance of the Clergy and Financing of Religious Communities

Laws and decrees

Sustenance of the Clergy 1929 – 219

Act n°218/1949 on state funding of churches and religious associations

Government ordinance no. 70/1968 on the economic security of the Greek Catholic Church by the State

Notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no. 120/1976 on the international pact of civil and political rights and on economic, social and cultural rights abstract

Government order no. 47/1981 on the adaptation of personal services provided by the State to churches and religious societies

Government regulation no. 578/1990 on the adjustment of personal services

Government ordinance no. 86/1993 on personal services provided to churches and religious societies

On income tax, as amended, and some other 2000 abstract laws

Decree n. 383/2013 establishing a model form for presenting data from accounting issues, issued pursuant to the law on the composition of properties with churches and religious communities

Legal Statement of the National Council no. 307/1990 on ecclesiastical real estates

Law no. 71/2002 on real estates taxes abstract

Law on successions and donations 1992 abstract

Law no. 588/1992 on income tax abstract

Opinion of Finance Ministry no. 93/1993 on fiscal exemption from imported merchandise’s

Law 588/1992 on the application of VAT to religious groups

Law 298/1990 on the regulations of some property relations of ordinary orders and combinations and Archdiocese of Olomong

Government Decree no. 86/1993 on personal checks granting to members of Churches and Religious societies

Ministry of Interior Regulation no. 207/2000 on bookkeeping and amendment to several acts

Ministry of Interior Law no. 301/2000 on bookkeeping and amendment to several acts

Government Regulation no. 566/2006 on the payment of the personal services of churches and religious societies 

Individual and Collective Religious Freedom and Minorities

Emigration and labour

Teaching of Religion and Religious Schools

Provisions of the Criminal Code



Museums, Libraries, Archives and Cultural Heritage

Administration Policies and Procedures

Animal protection