Religious Communities

Bodies And Church Properties

Confiscation, Restitution and Compensation of Properties of Religious Communities

Law on the restitution of religious buildings in 1990

Restitution of property to religious faiths in 1995

Restitution of movable property to the Catholic Church in 2005

Hebrews – Jewish school building return Vilnius – Decision

Lutheran Church – return-building arrangement

Hebrews – return plunge buildings – disposal

Hebrews – return Telsiai building – Decision

Law on the compensation of municipal assets confiscated from Jewish communities

Presidium of the Supreme Council of Lithuanian SSR decree on the nationalization of homes and buildings, monasteries, religious communities in 1948

SSR Supreme Council Presidium. Ordinance big house owned in urban and industrial areas of nationalization in 1940

Property rights of the Catholic Church and Recovery Act of movable cultural property in 2005

Government Decree N 925-2003 on the State Prize ownership of land donated to the religious communities, community centers and rules for the approval

Law of quantity, sources, terms and method of payment, as well as the guarantees and facilities provided to the property rights to the original owners in 1998

Law Sources on amounts, terms and conditions of payment guarantees and facilities provided for the rights of property owners to the current consolidated text 2013

Rights of ownership on the existing property of religious communities in 1995

Law on ownership of goods of religious communities and the registration procedures in 1995

Judgment 2A-197-160 / 2014 on the restitution of property to the Lithuanian religious community

On the acquisition of ownership of land under Article 47 of the Constitution, 1996

Constitutional Court decision on the recovery procedure related to properties of the religious communities in 2012

Restitution of property confiscated to Catholic Church in 1990

Resolution no. 460/1948 on the regulation for the nationalization of the houses of worship and the monastic buildings

Government Regulation No. 1053/1994 on the technical regulation on geological areas and on geotechnical investigations

Land reform Act – consolidated version in 2000 

Sustenance of the Clergy and Financing of Religious Communities

Individual and Collective Religious Freedom and Minorities

Emigration and Labour

Teaching of Religion and Religious Schools

National and International Agreements

Provisions of the Criminal Code


Provisions of the Civil Code


Museums, Libraries, Archives and Cultural Heritage