International agreements

Religious Communities

Bodies and Church Properties

Confiscation, Restitution and Compensation of Properties of Religious Communities

Agency for restitution and compensation of property (consolidated text of 2004)

Confiscation of property of religious denominations in 1967

Decree on the salaries of the state commission for the return 2004

Law of Agrarian Reform, 1945

Restitution or forfeiture refund of agricultural properties of the religious denominations that occurred in 1945

Law for the ownership of the land in 1991

Law for the protection of private property 1991

Privatization of state buildings in 1992

Restitution and compensation for property expropriated in 1993

Step agricultural property without compensation in 1995

Returning to the religious confessions of farm land confiscated in 1995

Providence through the woods of religious property in 2005

Return of expropriated assets among the Muslim communities in 2010

Law n . 133/2015 on Property and the Compensation process

Amendments to the law n. 7665, 21.1.1993 “The development of areas with tourism priority”

Decision 221-2016 on the functioning of the organization and treatment  of Property Agency

Decision 222-2016 on processing of goods. Recognition demands and compensation

Decision 223-2016 On rules and procedures for the evaluation and circulation of the financial fund for the compensation of physical properties

Law 8337-1998 on Transfer of Ownership of agricultural land, forests, meadows and pastures

Law 7980-1995 on the land purchase

Law 9482-2006 on the legalization, urbanization and integration of illegal constructions

Law on the treatment of property and completion of the process of the property compensation in 2015

Sustenance of the Clergy and Financing of Religious Communities

Individual and Collective Religious Freedom and Minorities

Emigration and labour

Teaching of Religion and Religious Schools

Provisions of the Criminal Code


Provisions of the Civil Code


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Religious tourism

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