This page provides information on the legal nature of the measures publicly available to give an overview of the law of the countries of Eastern Europe.


Sources of law


Hierarchy of sources


Hierarchy of legal acts:


1.  Constitution;
2.  constitutional laws;
3.  international treaties ratified;
4.  laws;
5. other acts of enforcement of laws (acts of the President, the Government, the Ministers) such decrees, orders and instructions, rules, regulations, decisions, orders, instructions, conclusions, other types of legislative documents, ordinances, resolutions, rules, ordinances and resolutions.

For specific guidance on sources related to the countries acceding to the EU see: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_member_state_law-6-se-it.do?member=1

The database can be consulted in English and in Italian: You can access various types of legislative documents by first clicking on the country, then the lemma you want, and then on the measure that you are interested on.

Legislation and other legal documents can also be found in official websites or are taken from archives and libraries, and subsequently reproduced by the editorial staff of the site.

The documents related to legal acts reconstruct the historical sequence since the independence of the State concerned. Any exception is signaled.

The consultation of the database is free of charge.

The rules on copyright do not affect the contents of the database because they are official texts emanating from different states.

Prof. Federica Botti