Religious Communities

Regulations, decisions, provisions, ordinances, circulars

On the approval of regulation no. 703/1994 of the ministry for nationalities, migration and sects

Regulation n ° 1229/2000 of the State Committee of Ukraine for Religious Affairs

Regulations issued on the occasion of the institution of the Department of State for Religious Affairs in 2005

Regulation n ° 390/2005 on the establishment of the Department of Religious Affairs

Measures for the implementation of state policy in the field of international relations, religions and churches 2005

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers nr. 1575/2006 on the establishment of the State Committee for Nationalities and Religions

Regulations of the State Committee no. 201/2007 for nationalities and religions

Resolution of the local Synod of the Kiev Patriarchate, held in the Church of San Vladomir 2019

Interpretative circulars about the law n. 2552/2018 on registrations

Declaration of the Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of 11 October 2018

Parliamentary petition to the Constitutional Court against support for Bartolomeo’s Tomos

Legal position of UHHRU on the Ukrainian institutional crisis

Letter sent to the patriarch of Constantinople on October 18th 2018

The Holy Synod of Albania’s letter to Patriarch BartholomewGreek version

Ecumenical Patriarch’s Letter in Response to the Letter of the Archbishop of Albania

The Holy Synod of Albania’s second letter to Patriarch Bartholomew

Letter of Attanasio Albanian Patriarch to Kirill – October 2018

Letter of Attanasio Albanian Patriarch to Kirill – November 2018 

Bodies and Church properties

Construction of Worship And Urban Planning

Sustenance of the Clergy and Financing of Religious Communities

Individual and Collective Religious Freedom and Minorities

Emigration and labour

Teaching of Religion and Religious Schools

Provisions of the Criminal Code

Provisions of the Civil Code


Museums, Libraries, Archives and Cultural Heritage

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