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Regulation on the Contents and Procedure for Maintaining

the Central Registry of Non-Governmental Organizations

(Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro, no. 30 of 6.08.1999)[1]

Article 1

This Regulation shall outline the requisite contents and procedure for maintaining the central registry of non-governmental organizations (hereinafter: the registry).

Article 2

Data recorded into the registry shall be public.

Public inspection of the records shall be done in the presence of a person authorized to manage the registry (hereinafter: authorized person).

Article 3

The registry shall be in the form of a book, which shall consist of registry slips with numbered pages.

Article 4

The registry slips of non-governmental associations and foundations shall contain the following columns:

1. Number of entry

2. Date of entry

3. Memorandum of Incorporation

4. Bylaws

5. Name of the organization

6. Seat of the organization

7. Name and address of the person authorized to represent the organization.

Article 5

The registry slips of foreign non-governmental organizations shall contain the following columns:

1. Number of entry

2. Date of entry

3. Registration documents from the country of domicile

4. Name of the organization

5. Name and address of the person authorized to represent the organization

6. Seat and form of the organization operating in the territory of the Republic.

Article 6

Acts and documents submitted with the request for entry shall be preserved in a separate folder and shall form an essential part of the registry.

Article 7

Before entry into the registry, the authorized official shall verify the first page of the registry slip with his signature and the official seal of the Ministry.

Article 8

The registry columns shall be filled out neatly and the entered text shall not be modified or erased.

In exceptional cases, the authorized official shall correct minor mistakes. He shall cross the text with a horizontal line and enter his initials and the date of correction.

In the event of significant mistakes, crossing the register slip with a red line shall annul the entire entry. A new entry shall be made on the next available registry slip.

Article 9

Amendments that were made after the initial entry into the registry shall be recorded as a data column containing relevant information regarding the modifications.

Article 10

Records for each non-governmental organization shall be maintained separately.

The name and registry number of a non-governmental organization shall be marked on the cover sheet of the records.

Article 11

This regulation shall come into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro.


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