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Note the Government of the Czechoslovak 29.01.1928 sent to the Vatican by the Minister of Foreign Affairs E. Beneš

Agreement between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Holy See concluded in January 1928


Modus Vivendi with Czechoslovakia (1928)

This agreement was made ten years after Czechoslovakia was founded as one of the successor states of Austria-Hungary. It was a a diplomatic note needing no approval by the new country's democratic parliament. The main thrust was to get state subsidies (Article 1) and to repeal the state administration of Church property (Article 2).


Comments [appended to the Czech text]

1. [The original of] this text appeared in Sbírka zákonů a nařízení ve věcech náboženských a církevních, (Collection of Acts and Regulations in Religious and Church Issues) compiled by Fr. Bednář, published in Prague in 1929, under the imprint of the Czechoslovak Evangelical Theological Faculty of J. Hus in Prague.

2. The agreement was not dealt with by [normal] legislative means; the Government simply approved it.

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