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May 26th, 20051National Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" No. 38/2005






Implementation of the Law

Article 1

            (1)        The administrative units and other public (government) units shall act pursuant to this Law in the administrative procedures, directly implementing the regulations and adopting decisions on the rights, obligations and legal interests of the individuals, legal entities or other parties.

            (2)        The enterprises, institutions and other organizations, funds and associations, public organizations, citizen associations and organizations shall act pursuant to this Law in  exercising their public authorizations, entrusted to them by law and by legal decision of the municipality council or of the city of Skopje, for deciding on the issues mentioned in paragraph 1 above.

            (3)        The units of the local self-government and of the city of Skopje shall act pursuant to this Law in exercising their  authorities as well as in exercising the authorities delegated to them by the Republic for deciding on the issues mentioned in paragraph 1 above.


 Article 172

            (1)        The witness may refuse to testify if:

(1)         by giving certain answers the witness would disgrace himself or cause significant  material loss or criminal action against him/her, his/her close relative (blood relative) or third cousin, his/her spouse or the spouse’s relative up to second cousin, even in cases when the marriage was divorced, as well as to his/her guardian or foster child or adoptive parent or child;

2)         by giving certain answers he/she would violate the obligation i.e. the right to keep a business, professional, scientific or artistic secret;

3)         he/she has to testify on facts that the party confided to him/her as an authorized person;

4)         the witness is a religious confessor to whom the party confessed certain facts.

(2)        The witness may be relieved of the duty to give a testimony on certain other facts if he/she provides acceptable reasons. If necessary, the witness shall have to furnish evidence to prove such reasons.

(3)        The witness may not refuse to testify, stating material loss as reason, on legal proceedings in which he/she participated as witness, notary or intermediary, on actions that he/she has undertaken regarding the dispute in the capacity of a legal predecessor or representative of one of the parties, as well as on any action for which  he/she is obliged to submit a report or to give a statement, in accordance with separate rules.


Article 295

The provisions from the Law on administrative procedure ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia", no...../96) shall be also implemented on the cases where the administrative procedure has been already initiated.


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