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 Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 31/93-716)

(Unofficial Translation)



Article 1

This Law regulates the foreign trade, which includes the foreign trade turnover and performing economic activities abroad.


 Article 46

Enterprise may, within the scope of activities they are registered for, export goods and services without collecting a countervalue, as well as import goods and services without paying a countervalue in the following cases: if it is necessary to determine the quality of the exported, i.e., imported goods, if it represents a surplus of the exports and imports, if the goods are used for marketing purposes, if the goods are samples, projects or any other technical documentation accompanying the exported, i.e., imported goods, if the goods are used for participation at international public auctions, for equipping own representative offices abroad, if goods are sent or received for humanitarian, scientific, educational, cultural, health and social purposes, sent or received as an aid for natural catastrophes and other forms of vis major, if activities include provision or receiving services of mending, assembling of goods accompanying exported goods, as well as in cases when there is a reciprocity with the country in question, or if prescribed so by international agreements.

Enterprises may receive tools, measuring instruments and appliances, service vehicles and equipment, sent to them by a foreign person with whom they have an agreement for representation, managing consignment warehouse and servicing, or providing other services included in the concluded agreement.

The Republic of Macedonia and its agencies and organizations, as well as other legal entities, may receive goods and provide and receive services of humanitarian, scientific, educational, cultural, health, social, sports, religious and other non-commercial purposes.

Representative offices of foreign persons and other foreign organizations in the Republic of Macedonia may import fixed assets and consumer goods necessary for their work.

By exception of provisions in Para 1-4 of this Article, other goods may also be exported, i.e., imported without payment and collection of a countervalue, on basis of an approval by the administrative agency in charge of foreign economic relations.

Exports and imports, i.e., receiving and sending goods and receiving and provision of services of Para 1-4 of this Article, are free. On export of goods without a collection of countervalue, the enterprise submits a decision by the management.

To the competent customhouse, besides a customs declaration,  a proof for the export without collection, i.e., imports without payment of countervalue is presented.


Article 98

This Law comes into effect on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia.

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