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Republika e Kosovës Republika Kosovo

Republic of Kosovo



The Assembly, in accordance with 65.1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and articles 6.1 and 38 of the Rules of Procedures of the Assembly, in the plenary session held on January 31, 2012, approved the following:



On Ending International Supervision of Independence


1. Recognizing the progress Kosovo has made in the years since the Declaration of Independence and the progress that will continue to be made;

2. Welcoming the decision made by the International Steering Group to aim to conclude international supervision of independence during 2012;

3. Believing that Kosovo is ready to accept its meritorious place among the world’s independent countries;

4. Committed to fulfilling all of its obligations to contribute to concluding the phase of supervised independence, having in mind the key principles of the Comprehensive Settlement Proposal (CSP) with the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Kosovo;

5. Aware that Kosovo has always achieved its greatest progress towards its national goals when the People, political forces and leaders were united;

6. Solemnly pledges its full support and dedication to the rapid, thorough and successful attainment of this national objective, particularly the timely passage of all necessary Constitutional amendments and other required legislation to end supervised independence.

7. Calls upon the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, in close consultation with the leaders of the Assembly parliamentary groups, members of the International Steering Group and the International Civilian Representative, to prepare the legislation required to complete the implementation of the CSP and to prepare all necessary Constitutional amendments and additional legislation and to present them to the Assembly no later than four weeks from the date of this resolution.

8. In accordance with Article 71 of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly, authorizes the current, ad-hoc Committee on Constitutional Reform to prepare the Constitutional amendments for approval by the Constitutional Court and to prepare the Constitutional amendments and amendments to legislation for final approval by the Assembly of Kosovo.


Jakup Krasniqi,

President of the Assembly Republic of Kosovo